My Beavertail Experience(Mosquito)

Discussion in 'Bragging Spot' started by Matt Baldwin, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Matt Baldwin

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    I joined this forum not long ago to see all the great skiffs, and read/learn some of the genious options and set ups(to apply or customize my build)......but I want to make this post to share my experience with Beavertail.

    Full Disclosure: I am in the fishing tackle industry, I have built two boats(Pathfinder 2200V, Shearwater 22x). To a boat company this means I am a major pain in the ass. I’m going to pull every string I can, call industry friends, and generally source myself as many components of the build as possible.

    Myself and a Co-worker both interested in the boat called and made an appointment to have a water test, and spec out a potential boat to get a feel for pricing and options. Since this was September and I wasn’t interested in buying till the spring I was the tag along and my co-worker was ready to buy. We met Liz and Eric, and they couldn’t have been better about working with us on our build. To be candid they didn’t blink an eye about the possibility of us sourcing half the boat ourselves. To this day I haven’t heard a single complaint about it.....Hell, my engine showed up rediculously late(it arrived Tuesday April 10th for a April 13 build finish date)in the build and not a whisper or complaint of any kind. Amazing, just incredible customer service at BT.

    After an impressive wet test, I decided this was the model I wanted and I gave BT my REFUNDABLE 1K deposit. I was told not to worry about it a bit, they will happily refund it until my hull goes into the mold. I can completely vouch that this is true because my co-worker decided on a used boat and his deposit was refunded with zero hassle. Beavertail had a line of about 3.5 months at the time of my deposit, and when I asked for an April delivery date they slotted me in. Delivery date was April 13th 2018.(yesterday)

    Okay okay... I know this is long winded, but I want readers to understand how above and beyond BT has gone in this build. They have exceeded any Customer Service level I could dream of.

    I am sure many of you that have built a skiff have over thought every detail.....I am one of those. I love the system they have there. Liz handles sales and pricing. Then when it’s build time Eric becomes your build Sherpa. I have sent Eric a never ending stream of emails since my build started. Every single detail is answered quickly and with information and thought. I couldn’t be happier.

    I’ve been dropping off parts and pieces, made 3-4 trips over there and had the pleasure of meeting Will during my last visit. This is a hands on owner that will be shoulder deep in your build right along side his guys making sure everything is perfect. He took the time to show me what they were doing and even offered to make a change on the spot if that is what I wanted.(what!!? who does that?)

    I’m going to post quite a few photos of my boat being built below. I pick it up Monday and I can’t explain how excited I am.

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  2. Matt Baldwin

    Matt Baldwin Active Member


    Custom Color(Galveston Green to match Concept TX fishing reel)
    Yamaha F70
    Custom Poling Platform
    Custom SeaDek Layout
    8’ Blade Power Pole
    Jack Foreman Prop and Engine set-up
    Rhodan GPS trolling motor
    Raymarine Axiom 7 w/side imaging
    Blackout Package with Blackout Ramlin trailer
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  3. Palma Sola

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    Ditto on the folks at Beavertail!
    My friend and Bahamian guide from Acklins Island wanted a Beavertail skiff after he fished on my Vengeance around Bradenton and Tampa two years ago.. this year he pulled the trigger and Liz and Eric helped get him the right skiff for the skinny waters he fishes in the Bahamas.. we all pitched in and I sincerely aprreciate the patience and guidance the Beavertail team gave us.. Garon is back in Acklins accessing the great flats on his new BT Mosquito and I’ll be joining him soon! Thanks
  4. fishicaltherapist

    fishicaltherapist I Love!

    UNBEATABLE couple,team,business !!! I have my own story and have nothing but, RESPECT and thanks for them.
  5. jeep2448

    jeep2448 Well-Known Member

    I agree, they are outstanding to work with and stand behind their company!
  6. permitchaser

    permitchaser I Love Skinny Water

    Love the color. Very nice boat. I like everything your doing...but the power pole .Just me,but I think they mess up the lines of a skiff
    Yes I'm a crumugen, can't help it
  7. Surffshr

    Surffshr Active Member

    What, you didn’t want to go with the Concept Z color?
  8. Matt Baldwin

    Matt Baldwin Active Member

    Funny! Was considering Concept Z(Tequila Sunrise).....but my girl prefers the green. The Tequila Sunrise was perhaps a bit aggressive.
  9. h2o2sno

    h2o2sno Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the sweet ride Matt! My experience with BT was very similar. We all were stressing over sending my Yamaha to Miami for a custom paint job. Everything worked out great though. Love the color as well!
  10. Matt Baldwin

    Matt Baldwin Active Member

    Taking delivery soon, will post many more pictures. Can't wait to take her for a is terrible, windy as heck here in Clearwater.
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  11. MariettaMike

    MariettaMike Wish'n I was Fish'n!

    Cool color, and I like the way they seal off the steering and engine wiring harness.

    Based on the jackplate width it appears there isn't enough space for your engine to fully turn between those sponsons. Can you turn all the way? Or do they mechanically limit to prevent the cav plate from hitting?

    Where is the bilge pump(s)? Access?

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  12. Matt Baldwin

    Matt Baldwin Active Member

    The access hatch to the pumps is in the starboard side rear compartment.

    No....engine only turns 1/2 way, so you have to make wide turns.(lol, obviously kidding)
  13. TimPappy

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    Matt, thank you for's so nice to read something positive on the internet! I bought my first boat sight unseen from Liz over the phone...have since come back for my second boat and you have reaffirmed my thoughts regarding Beavertail Skiffs.

    P.S. the boat looks awesome!
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  14. PeteS

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    I picked up my Mosquito last April and had the exact experience as you Matt, Will, Liz and Eric were truly professional and an absolute pleasure to do business with. Get ready for a ton of questions at the boat ramp
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  15. Capt. Gregg McKee

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    I picked up my 2018 Vengeance back in Oct.,(my third BT since 2006 after 10 years of guiding from a Maverick,) and couldn't be more thrilled with it. The Mosquito is actually my favorite boat in their lineup but you can't go wrong with anything that Will and Liz build. Keep posting the photos.
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  16. Matt Baldwin

    Matt Baldwin Active Member

    Delivery Day is here....a few tweaks still to go.

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  17. Capnredfish

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    How is that large drainage channel around hatches and transom working out for everyone? Does water find its way back up front in rough conditions? Cracking where it bonds to the hull? That area concerns me on this skiff.
  18. fishicaltherapist

    fishicaltherapist I Love!

    It's TIME to SLIME !! Enjoy the experience.
  19. makin moves

    makin moves Well-Known Member

    Sweet skiff! That sea deck material is going to suck to keep looking good. Let us know how it looks after a few months