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    Found this on another site. Has this ever happen to you?

    To the Capt. of the mustard yellow skiff at the mouth Hendry's Creek today; 3/17/08
    Apparently I owe you a huge apology. I had no idea that anchoring in the area I did upset you so much. Here are my apologies;

    1. I apologize for anchoring in the northern section of the channel of the mouth of Hendry's Creek. There was no way for me to know that you owned that particular part of the channel. Had this info been available to me I would have not anchored in that fishy looking spot.

    2. I would like to give a heartfelt apology for your boat not being able to turn left and go around the bow of our boat instead of going to the aft side (where we were casting) of our vessel.

    3. I would also like to apologize for your boat (and it looks like a really nice boat too) being able to go only one speed, which appears to be wide open throttle. I'm not sure I have ever seen a skiff going at that speed up close and personal.

    4. I guess I should also apologize for that section of the marked channel being so narrow. Little did I realize that a 17" skiff with about 15 ft. of anchor rope out, anchored on the north edge of the channel could block what appears to be a channel that is about 100-150 wide. Maybe I should talk to the authorities and see if something can't be done about that problem. (or maybe you could fix your skiff so it could turn to the left)

    5. Apologies should also be made for the possible damage my fishing gear did your fine craft. After you hopped your skiff up on plane and set a course approximately 15 ft. off our stern, I'm sure you didn't realize that you had ran over my line. I truly hope that my 20 lb Power Pro didn't damage your lower unit seal. Also that Rapala lure I was using at the time might have scratched your gel coat, might want to check that out.

    I'm sorry, I lied, I really hope the 250 yds of power pro is wrapped up in your prop. Will you buy me replacement line??? How about that X-rap???

    OK, all BS aside. What the he!! is your problem. You had more room than needed to get around us and yet you chose to pull this crap. After you went by the back of our boat (at wide open throttle) you immediately had to turn left to NOT hit the channel marker we were next to. If you are a guide I would like to know who you are just so I never consider hiring you.
    What did your clients think of your childish immaturity?

    One last apology is, if this person is not a member of the forum, I'm sorry for posting this.

    If you chose to not engage in any conversation via this forum, my contact info is in my avatar.

    Good Day Sir

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    I would have grabbed the heavies thing in my reach, and hurled it as hard as I could at him and his boat, only wishing to knock his a$$ out. I would then steal his boat, and crash it into the nearest oyster bar. Of course I would deny everything!

  3. ;D

    People are jerks... I hate when they do that
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    some have asked me why I carry 4 and 6 oz leads when I mostly fish in 1 and 2 foot water.
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    Great apology!! People like that shouldnt be aloud on the water. If he was a captain he should be ashamed for showing his arse. [smiley=bigun2.gif]