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Mullet Run

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Anyone in Jacksonville seeing g the beginning of the fall migration. TIA
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Are you referring to the one in Sep/Oct when the water starts to cool?
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Yes. Im in ft pierce. Curious as to when you start seeing them up there
In the fall. Late September early October.
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I see them here in Ft Pierce in Sept. Would have thought it would be earlier up in Jax
Maybe a few days, depends on the cold fronts. In FTL it begins right about the 1st of Oct.
We started seeing a lot of mullet down here in Miami right after Hurricane Dorian. I'm hearing some talk that this is just a small part of the migration that got pushed by the hurricane though.

Are there mullet up and down the coast already?
I haven't been out to check in a while. Will probably be out Monday/Tuesday
The mullet should be in pre-spawn mode and starting to bunch up all around the state. Cast netted a mess of them yesterday in PI Sound and smoked them.
I have seen a huge school on Deerfield Beach on Sunday.
pods are moving through, they were thick from deerfield to delray yesterday.
i got reports of big pods off of boca today.
Going to see if the tarpon will play this evening.
I am in Delray Beach and they have been thick all week - unfortunately the surf and wind have been uncooperative.

Caught tarpon, snook, jacks, bluefish, ladyfish, and blue runners yesterday morning...

Jumped a couple monster tarpon earlier in the week.. hoping the wind/surf dies down before the mullet are gone!
I'm going to be a free man in Nov.

Will it still be going on then?

I'd like to see it once?
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