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Hey guys, I have a Boggy Creek Diablo thats around 14'6 and 400 lbs. I have loved every minute of this skiff so far, besides how slow it takes to get to my spots. The guy I got it from seemingly had it under powered with the 25 4 stroke suzuki as it is rated for up to a 50.

I want to bump up to a 40 or a 50 tiller handle and have narrowed it down to Yamaha, Suzuki, and Mercury based on price/warranty in my area.

I would like to get some feedback on your opinions between the 40 and 50 HP motors between these 3 companies. I know everyone has their own opinion on brand so not wanting to start that debate. I also know all modern 4 strokes will be reliable, but I have also heard that some seem to perform better in the mid-range category. Yamaha and Suzuki seem to get better gas mileage than the Mercury, but it almost looks like the Mercury gets better speed numbers based on the performance bulletins I was able to get my hands on. Is this accurate? What are your thoughts?
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