Mosquito, Mirco, or copperhead?

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  1. Timucua_Outdoors

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    I have decided to go with a new skiff. I have come down to these three skiffs. I wanted some help figuring out which skiff would do be the best for what I do. I will mainly be fishing mudflats, oyster reefs, and small creeks. I will be sight casting and poling in the colder months and will be fishing the flood tides in spring and summer. I hope y'all can help me figure it out. looking for mid to high 20s
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  2. MariettaMike

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    jump on that introductory price for the Mosquito

  3. Timucua_Outdoors

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    That's what I hope to do just kinda worried about what it would cost with a cc and a 40 Suzuki,simrad, minn Kota, and dual mirco anchors. I am hoping to make a trip down there just don't want to drive and not get what I was thinking. I just need a back up plan if the price doesn't work
  4. mtoddsolomon

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    I don't think you'll be happy with a center console and a 40 on that boat. Take my opinion for whatever it's worth to you but I'd suggest if you do a center or side console get the zuke 60. Also, I've read that Power pole doesn't suggest using two micros, I've seen it done but not recommended.

    If it were me and my money, I'd go Mosquito with center console, suzuki 60, the beavertail stick it system and call it a day. That way you can buy the simrad and send it to them for them to install, as well as add the trolling motor and power poles later if you still want to. The beauty of a poling skiff is to pole it and a push pole takes place off the TM and the PP.
  5. paint it black

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    I personally would go Copperhead with a 60 ETEC.

    But I would recommend you check them all out in person, price them out and make a decision based on what you feel is best for you.
  6. Str8-Six

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    I have a CH and do the same type of fishing in Jax. Gets the job done. I really really like the mosquito though...
  7. Tango1

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    Have you called Liz at BT to have them price out and discuss what you want regarding the Mosquito? There's no mystery regarding the Mosquito's cost. Their intro pricing is great for this skiff. They start at $28K for the CC with 60 Suzuki or ETEC, a nice trailer, jack plate and numerous other standard features. Simrad is $650. I didn't get a Minn Kota, but I'm sure you'd be pushing $30K as you describe. I'll be there tomorrow finalizing my build. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to look at/ask about.
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  8. Flood tides

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    I am the same guy just different account. I am also considering the spear boat works low tide guide. If they are in the price range ,but Would still like to get a little skinnier to get in the back of the small creeks I fish. The mosquito is still my number one right now. I would like to have the cc though would I still be able to put a 50 or 60 Suzuki on there and stay under 30k with simrad Minn Kota Ipliot and back rest and live well. Thanks for all the help so far and I hope y'all can help me make a conclusion on a skiff.
  9. Backcountry 16

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    I double that looked at the one at the Ft Myers boat show last weekend nice fit and finish good price and I believe the 40 and 60 suzuki weighs the same. Good luck with your purchase.
  10. LowHydrogen

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    I think any one of those options is going to be a great fishing platform and give you years of use. All are very attractive boats. Don't eliminate a Tohatsu as a motor option, I am getting close to 9.5 mpg with my 50 on my LTG and it only weighs 210lbs. Very quiet.

    You mention needing ability to get skinnier than the LTG will allow, I can't speak to the method of calculating draft claims on Beavertail or Ankona websites, I am sure they're very close to accurate due to the huge following. I can tell you unless you load the boat down with TM, Power Poles, extra batteries, etc....the Spear LTG draft listed in his website (7.5") is modest and figured with 3 people in the boat.

    Per the websites in order of claimed draft.
    BT Micro 5" no anglers listed
    BT Mosquito 5+" no anglers listed
    Copperhead true 6" draft, with 2 anglers
    Spear LTG 7.5" with 3 anglers

    Here are a couple shots of a 20oz coke bottle (filled with water) sitting behind my LTG, the water came to the top of the writing on the bottle. Boat was still floating free.
    The boat has open bulkheads, Tohatsu tiller 50, carbon platform, insulated coffin box, carbon grab bar w/mini console, 15 gal fuel cell fwd (full). load was.. 4 rods, large full cooler, 20lb anchor, tackle bag, boat boxes with safety stuff, large alum casting deck, no people, boat was still floating free and when I stepped back in the boat I was able to pole away (standing in the middle, not on platform) without much drag and could not see any marks in the sand other than where the boat tilted when I stepped on the gunnel.

    Good Luck in your search.
  11. Flood tides

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    What price range are the low tide guides in Really like them It's a mosquito or the low tide guide (not elimating the others though)thanks so much. You can pm me for details if you would like.
  12. texasag07

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    You will not find a better boat performance wise than the low tide guide in my opinion. Closest to a do it all boat as I have seen. They pole really well, get skinny in 6-7" and handle chop great for a skiff.

    I have a gen one copperhead and I will tell you without a doubt if price were equal the low tide guide is the way to go.

    The fit an finish won't be a nice as beavertail but as a fishing tool the low tide guide is a great hull.
  13. jmrodandgun

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    Have you looked at the Cayo 173? Bigger than the micro. Just a touch smaller than the mosquito but with similar power and console options. Should be about $8k less than the BT mosquito depending on how much stuff you bolt to it. Bad news it's a 9 month wait.
  14. Flood tides

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    Need to get it by trout season here in Ga the really start to bite in February so a 9 month wait isnt what I want.
    I actually think the fit and finish seems to be the same with the low tide guide and the beaver tails. The fact the the low tide is vacuumed and the Just need to know the price of it having a hard time making phone calls during he holidays. Still think I am gonna go with the mosquito if I can!Thanks for the help from all of y'all! Hope Y'all can help me narrow my search down!
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  15. Flatsaholic

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    I received my Mosquito last Friday. I can honestly say I am extremely happy. I was going with a Cayo before switching to Beavertail. With Cayo I waited 9 months and still did not have a boat and did not hear with the owner for months in the waiting process. I waited one month for the Mosquito and they were in touch with me every few days. Beavertail is a great company, Will and Liz will bend over backwards to make sure that you are satisfied.

    As far as performance it exceeded my expectations. Stable and dry ride. Poled in hardly any water with two people, gear, full gas tank, and livewell full. Poled right in 15-20mph winds with ease and zero noise. The boat did not get thrown around by the wind whatsoever.

    I have poled Mavericks, Ankonas, Cayos, and BT Micro. For the cost I would not trade this boat for anything. It is a truly awesome skiff!
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  16. fjmaverick

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    I looked at the one at the fort myers show too. I was impressed by it. Great layout and looks like it would be a good ride.
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  17. Tango1

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    Flatsaholic is right on!

    I was at BT over lunchtime today finalizing some of my build details and taking a look at my Mosquito hull. The guys were working on my basic hull+deck not long after it came out of the mold. I was very impressed with the attention to detail they put into their work. Even the areas hidden under the deck are finished very nicely. I'm a picky guy and I was impressed and more critically, I left feeling 100% sure that my build was in the hands of people that care and appreciate my business. Will and Liz are first rate. No experience with the other companies mentioned, I'm sure they're great, but I think there's a reason BT has over 20 Mosquitos sold to date. Very cool seeing 4 boats detailed and ready for delivery today.
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  18. Flood tides

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    I might could go with a side consol on the mosquito and a 50 Suzuki with backrest, livewell, and Minn Kota Ipiolt mount, and I'll ship in a simrad. Going to go down to visit beaver tail soon If that doesn't work out I'll head over to ankona! Thanks y'all for the help so far and I hope someone can help me with a price for the mosquito!
  19. coconutgroves

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    While you could go center console on the Mosquito, why not go bare bones and go either side or tiller? The reason is the beam on it is narrower, so adding a center console will take away from tons of cockpit area.

    I recently got a Yeti Hopper and took it instead of my Yeti 65 in my B2. I could not believe the difference! Much more room, easier to get around, grab gear land fish, etc.... I'd go side or tiller, more than likely tiller, on a Mosquito to gain whatever draft I can. But I am in TX, so we have miles of sub 6" water. The extra HP on the engine gets you there faster, but if you can't enter where you are going, it ain't worth it.
  20. Tango1

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    Dude, call BT regarding the price. You'll have a quote within an hour of talking with them.