More vids are up for all you MTB fans....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TomFL, Nov 5, 2009.

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    I posted up some new videos from the Durango trip on my facebook page for all you MTB fans:

    Not sure how to link them, but try looking up "tom foselli"

    The Engineer mountain one is a bit long as I wanted to show the long climb, but stick with it, it gets a lot better toward the last 1/3rd.

    Over the next few days I'll add some more from Moab, as well as the Selway hunting trip.

    I've been doing a little research on helmet cams and I think I found an affordable one that takes MUCH better video, so hopefully I can save up some scratch and I'll be able to get some much better videos in the future.

    Plan on seeing more fishing-related stuff too!

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    Yes, GoPro is what I'm using, has it's limitations but for the $$ it's pretty cool.

    Thinking of working my way up to this:

    I also tossed the vids up on Vimeo:

    Durango, telegraph trail:

    Durango, Engineer Mountain:
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    Singlespeed forever... LOL