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More power Scotty!!!! 9.9 to 15 conversion???

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I was thinking about buying a Mercury 15 hp to add little more power to my Highsider (I currently have a 9.9 mercury 2 stroke). I usually run with my two sons in the boat with a full compliment of gear, food and snacks for the day. I would like to have a little power, but I really like my Mercury. It's a great engine that has zero mechanical or cosmetic issues. I know I read somewhere that you can change the carb out on the 9.9 and this will change the rating to a 15hp. Is this all that needs to be done? Just simply changing the carb, bolt on and go? Or do you have to re-tune the engine along with other modifications, gaskets etc...? I do not want to ruin my engine, because I do operate under the "If It ain't broke don't fix it" rule. But, if it won't break, damage or cause me headache in the future I would like to do the upgrade so I can keep my existing engine. If anyone can help me out or give me some advice/input I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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