more bad news from the spill

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Brett, May 12, 2011.

  1. Brett

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  2. firecat1981

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    I blame the japanese for dumping thousands of gallons of radioactive water into the sea.

  3. Charlie

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    BP's saftey plan called for the protection of Seals and Walruses in the Gulf of Mexico. Seems as though all the Seals and Walruses in the gulf are fine, so what's the problem?   ;)
  4. Swamp

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    You been to the beach lately?  There are tons of oil covered seals and walruses, it's just suntan oil. Shudder! ;)

    Seriously, this is something I have been concerned about from the start.  Time will tell if the legions are just from infections because the fish were stresses at one point and a "one time" thing or because of continued exposure.  There isn't enough money to fix this if it really is from continued exposure.  We are going to pay for this for a long time no matter how much "restitution" BP hands out.

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