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Not sure if everyone else has already seen or heard of this but I hadn't and thought it was cool, so here it is.

I stopped to see some guys I used to tie with but haven't seen in a while. When I got there they had these mops and wash rags out using the pieces for bodies of flies. They are pretty cool and super inexpensive think about $1 for the mop. One of the colors is exactly the same as a catalpa worm, these thing have to be killer in freshwater. So throw the ideas out for potential saltwater applications. I took a few pics it should be self explanatory for most but if you have a question just ask I may or may not know. I didn't tie anything just sat around and talked with a couple friends, but watched long enough to see how he was tying the bugs shown.

Before you ask about the fancy vise base it isn't mine, it belongs to my friend John. He is a retired engineer and super talented, he has taught me to make many tying tools and how to modify tools I buy to be more efficient. He made the base out of petrified wood, and it's even prettier in person.
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