SOLD/EXPIRED Moeller Fuel Cell

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    This is a 6gal Moeller Fuel Cell with a Merc attachment. It also has a fuel level gauge. $5, local pick up only in Bradenton. Any questions e-mail me at

  2. skinny_water

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    6.5 Gallon Portable Fuel Tank
    Mechanically vented fuel cap ensures easy gripping with innovative ribbed design that floats.
    Mechanical direct sight gauge with easy-to-read indicator.
    Non-corrosive and light-weight with a built-in fuel reserve capacity.
    Complies with industry requirements.
    Meets ABYC standards.

    Must sell by Monday, taking delivery on new lostmen and have to make room in garage!!

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    Alright, just kidding about the $5. Someone please pick this up, don't want to see it be trashed. E-Mail me for pics.