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Minn Kota Trolling Motor Quick Release Bracket

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So my old riptide finally crapped the bed and I'm looking to step up to the Terrova. My issue is that the new trolling motor won't fit on my old quick release bracket. I spoke with a local marina who sells/installs them and they said they can modify the old bracket to work. I would prefer to not have an extra set of holes in the boat, but I'll be honest, I'm a little skeptical... Has anyone done this or had any experience with this in the past? I have an RTA-19 currently on the boat and the Terrova uses a RTA-17.

Thanks in advance!
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I did. Had to drill 4 holes in the plate that mounts the TM. Works good going on 3 years
I made one out of starboard and it worked as well as the MinnKota ones do.
I wrestled with this a ton too. The I pilots need to hang over the gunwhale of your boat. I just took it to Tom Gordon and he repaired and filled the old holes and mounted the new bracket. Can’t even tell the old holes are there.
Travis, where did you drill the holes and would you happen to have a picture of how its mounted. After reading rummya87's response and looking at some pictures, I fear that my existing mounting plate is too far back from the edge of the gunwale and I may end up having to put the new one on after all.
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