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Minn Kota GPS problems

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I have a new MK terrova with bluetooth and the heading compass. When I use advanced tracking the motor swings side to side at 45 degree angles left to right constantly. Spot lock is also wonky occasionally getting into a mode where is go rabbit full speed side to side. Almost through me out of boat once. I have replaced the head of the unit but that did not fix anything. MK tech says to install the heading compass as other people have had that fix similar issues. Manuel says heading compass is only for using the jog feature. Has anyone had any issues like that where installing the heading compass helped? Right now I wish I had gone with the XI5.
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Check your terminal connections as they will do some strange things if not making solid contact. Absent of that, also check your remote. Any “motor stowed” messages while deployed or other intermittent messages while in use?

I had a terminal go bad in my remote and the TM would only function in one direction and despite several attempts to slow it down, it would only increase the speed to the point I nearly bathed in Tampa Bay.

I replaced my remote under warranty and it solved the issue. Now I remove my remote batteries after every trip and keep the remote in the AC. I did not install the heading sensor so I can’t speak to it solving any issues.
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