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  1. Picked up a Milennia Head Unit that came with 2 speakers and some other little things, but looking at the wiring diagram, im not sure where the ACC wire goes?

    It has a Yellow(+), Black(-) and a Red(ACC). I hooked the Yellow and black up, but it popped the fuse on the yellow wire.

    Where would the ACC (accessory) wire hook up?

    Dumb question Im sure. Haha

  2. Brett, can you help me out here? :cool:
  3. Brett

    Brett > PRO STAFF <

    What brand and model stereo are you installing?

    Pretty sure yellow is constant voltage (battery), red is accessory
    (switched, supplied from accessory terminal on ignition switch)
    and black is the ground.
  4. That's exactly what I figured but when I touched it to the battery the fuse popped.

    It's the mil-prv15
  5. Brett

    Brett > PRO STAFF <

    Something's not wired right, shouldn't have popped a fuse that fast

    I think this is the diagram you need
  6. That's the same one I have..

    Yellow +, red acc, and black -.

    I put yellow to pos and black to Neg. The acc wasn't hooked up.


    The same manual is a the bottom of the page and is identical to what was in the box.

    I guess Ill try to call ProSpec tomorrow.