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Planning on taking my skiff down to hopedale with my dad for a trip from Dec. 15-22. Going to try and focus on catching reds on fly, but if weather is bad well get the shotguns out to duck hunt. I'm from Wilmington NC, and have zero experience fishing this type of terrain and need all the help I can get. Being from Wilmington, I'm going to be thrilled just to be on redfish no matter what size. I have a lot of questions like:

How difficult is it to navigate that area, should I get in contact with a local to get a rundown?
Where in the world should I fish?
What kinda flies should I bring?
What are ideal conditions?
Whats the best way to shoot ducks? Im thrilled to shoot any duck that flies, not going to be a duck snob.
Should I bring my trolling motor?

Any information is welcomed, just a 21 year old stupid kid that needs help lol.
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