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I hate to see this go. It has sentimental value, but it's been sitting unused for four years so it's time for someone else to enjoy it. I'm unsure on the year-mid 80's model, I believe. Powerhead rebuilt in 1991 with approximately 250 hours on it since. Runs well. It's always started first pull for me. Always used ethanol free gas and flushed after salt use. If I were keeping it, I'd replace water pump, lower unit oil and spark plugs before using it significantly. The gear shifter is a bolt held in with Marine Tex. You can thank my dad for that one off, custom work. You won't see that anywhere else. Motor has extremely good fish mojo on it, which is priceless. PM me if interested

Ocala/Yankeetown area
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So I just notice that the lower unit is leaking oil pretty bad on this one. I don't have the time or inclination to fix it. $150 to get it out of my shed.
I was very hesitant to click on this again!:D I won’t put myself through it again though, somebody please buy this thing before the pirate puts on a damn pink thong!!!
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