Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by captnron, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. captnron

    captnron Guest

    I borrowed this from another site. :cool:

    Just needs an umbrella and a cooler to make it the "perfect goon boat". ;)

    For Jason, beverage holders are an option. ;D ;D ;D


    "Here's a pic of my inshore boat. Spent about a year building her and she get's real shallow and is comfortable to fish out of. She's a little wet in a lite chop but besides that she's great for fishing!"
  2. Weedy

    Weedy Well-Known Member

    Looks a little tippy, Oh wait, thats the NMZ thats tippy [smiley=1-lmao.gif] [smiley=1-lmao.gif]

  3. MATT

    MATT Well-Known Member

    Looks good for the next trip to chco...
  4. captnron

    captnron Guest

    NMZ OK - owner tippy. [smiley=1-lmao.gif] [smiley=1-lmao.gif] [smiley=1-lmao.gif]

    But not as tippy as the dock. ;)
  5. Un-shore

    Un-shore Well-Known Member

    No beer or rod holders? Not a microskiff!
  6. :LooksTippy:

    Hey Ron, I think it needs some camo seadeck on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry couldn't resist!
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