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    My idea is the normal boat gear and a little extra food. Add a tent/sleeping bag and go. WTH is all that stuff for? More work. Ya maybe if it's a family adventure for a few days.
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    Agree, that is a ton of gear. Although everyone has their own idea of camping. Mine is stealth camping in the glades, not bringing too much gear, being able to pack/unpack rather quickly. To me, mosquito stuff is the most important and most of my gear reflects that. I also tend to camp more though in the summer. Bugs are bad, but fishing is good.
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    That's camping with my 70 year old dad not all my stuff there he brings everything but the kitchen sink. One year there was three of us and he brought a full bag of taters.
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    I camp right on my skiff by just hanging a hammock between the poling platform and an aluminum pole on the casting deck. Works out great, super easy, includes bug net.
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    when "canoe camping" out of my jonboat i find it easy to pack non periables / whatever in those plastic containers they keep behind publix, not the milk cartons, the ones where the top opens and closes.
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    Easy posting that on here the carton police maybe trolling.
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    The nice thing about lists is they are scaleable. Take as much or as little as you need.
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    We are planning our trip soon. 3 boats and 6 guys. Two of the guys brining their boat have never camped the glades so I sent them this list. I know this is long but I think it is pretty thorough and has worked for me.


    Life vests for all people on boat
    Throw able
    I brought a paddle last year that doubled as a shovel for digging fire pits @ beach campsites
    Anchor – I sometimes bring a small stern anchor as well
    Bow and stern lines
    Waterproof bags for gear – I only allow one per person on my boat for clothes, etc (2 people) and one more for tent & sleeping bags.
    Simrad Go7 for navigation / Navionics on my phone, an older handheld GPS as backup; waterproof charts and handheld compass
    Fishing license
    Tool box with spare parts including duct tape and zip ties
    Fuel – Last year I brought 24 gallons and used 18 gallons for the week and finished the trip with 6 gallons left over
    1st aid kit
    VHF radio

    Tent with “no-see-um” netting
    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping pad

    Water and Food

    Water – one gallon per person per day. I use the 2.5 gallon jugs and bring something to drink out of like a Nalgene bottle. This reduces trash. All trash must be carried out. Last year I brought a Yeti 75 and put 2 frozen 2.5 gallon jugs of water in the bottom. Then I fill all the crevices and cracks with more ice. Then I put a yoga mat on top of that and loaded the food on that. That kept water from getting in the food when the ice melted. Plus the frozen 2.5 gallon jugs of water acted just like block ice and kept everything cold. Then when we needed more water, we pulled one of the jugs out. When I returned home I still had one of the frozen water jugs in the Yeti. I brought a Yeti Hopper with beer and ice. I then had a Yet 35 with nothing but ice in it and when the ice in the Hopper ran out, then we opened it.

    Zip ties to shut Yeti’s so the raccoons don’t get in them
    I also brought a small Engle cooler as a dry box for dry food
    Enough food for 5 breakfasts, 5 dinners, lunch food and snacks for the 2 guys on my boat. We can also coordinate between all 3 boats and cut down on duplicate stuff


    Portable gas stove or grill (We can figure out what everyone is bringing and decide what to bring. If someone has one of those bigger 2 burner gas stove, one ought to be enough.)
    Fuel for stove
    Waterproof matches and lighter
    Cooking gear and utensils (It’s better to bring utensils and wash them so as not to have trash) This would include plates, bowls, and I bring a Yeti Tumbler.
    Garbage bags (I use trash compactor bags. They are much stronger. And you can use them as emergency dry bags if you need them.
    Paper towels

    Rain gear – jacket and pants
    Light weight fishing pants
    Fishing shirts – long sleeve and short for sun and bug protection
    Flip flops
    Thin pair of long johns in case it gets cold
    Mosquito head net

    Personal Equipment
    Flash light
    Head lamp
    Camp lantern
    Spare batteries
    Insect repellent
    Personal items like cigars, etc
    Hand sanitizer
    2 towels – I use one to keep the boat clean and one for me

    Toilet paper
    Trowel for burying waste

    Fishing equipment

    Fishing tackle - coordinate with the other guy on the boat so you can reduce duplicates and save space
    Rods - Last year, I brought 2 fly rods and 3 spin rods. I broke a reel on one spin rod and broke another rod, so during the trip I still had 2 full spin rods. This year, between 2 guys, we are bringing 2 fly rods (different weights) and 4 spin rods (2 each)
    Reef or flats shoes (The oyster flats are brutal)

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    Last trip to 10,000 island hog key week before Christmas. Heading back this weekend. Second pic is my campsite minimal is best.

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    I find that you care way less about being terribly prepared if you have lots of beer.