Microskiff putting in work in Houston

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zthomas, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Don't worry your getting some good karma there it will all come back to you.
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    PIB, Have you set up the Naples location for the drop off of donations? I am down on Marco and want to donate. So nice to know that what is being donated is going to help those who need it the most. Thanks for doing this.

  3. Mattlow

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    Here are some of my pictures from Houston. I don't know if any one has yet, but huge shout out to Brian Little. Sabine Skiffs put in some serious work rescuing people.

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  4. Backcountry 16

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    Big props to everyone out there helping putting their lives and boats at risk. Hope everyone stays safe.
  5. offshoredan

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    I saw that pic the other day! Crazy
  6. paint it black

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    Sorry, things have been HECTIC this week. I hope everyone in south Florida stays safe, I'm a bit worried about Irma. Let's hope for the best!

    We hosted an event at The Salty Crab last Saturday. We gathered two truck loads of donations and delivered both of them to Texas. I'd have to check in with Crystal to get more details as to where we had them delivered, but I've been super busy prepping in Miami for Irma.
  7. Backcountry 16

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    Stay safe on that side of Florida I am battened down in Southwest Florida here.
  8. GullsGoneWild

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    adding a few of my pics from the Beaumont area
    In front of the house. tried to make a rescue for a neighbor but high spots in the road prevented us from getting to them
    rescues in the Gator Country neighborhood off I10
    had to get a pic of the skiff
    make shift ramp

    this is what happens when you portage your skiff across all 4 lanes of I10. Luckily we didn't have to dodge traffic! We launched about a mile south of I10 and motored North. The LEOs cut the 1" cable in the median so we could push our skiffs across I10. My buddy, myself and some homeland security agent started pushing my skiff across 10 when we heard the crunch of gelcoat. Everyone stopped, looked at me and asked, you want to keep going? Took me about 3 seconds to say, people are in danger and the skiff can get a new bottom lets roll! Going there wasn't a problem but with a levee failure the water recedes fairly quickly so we made our rescues and ferried folks to a pick up point and then headed back to deeper area so we wouldn't get stuck. We crossed I10 with about 4" of water under us and when we can back it was 2" or less.
    We evacuated Thursday due to no city water services and no power. Plus I couldn't really do much with my skiff with out ruining the entire bottom so I let the airboats and duck boats with mud motors do the rescuing the last two days. Evacuated to Hackberry LA and stayed with frineds who twisted our arms to go ling fishing Saturday morning. We went but I felt guilty the entire time. No ling but my BIL did snag this remora on a fly I tied. Plus we limited out on snaps about 60 miles out and had a fantastic dinner. It was nice to escape the vacuum of Harvey for a few hours. Then back at it delivering supplies

    If anyone can help post some videos send me a PM and i'll text you the vids to put on here.
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  9. Backcountry 16

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    Say's alot about you willing to tear up your boat to save people. And goes to everyone also risking their lives and boats to rescue people. Guess it's our turn now with Irma she'll be hitting me tomorrow morning.
  10. Padre

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    I don't know why but only my pics loaded:
    I also helped in Houston. I got an email from Microskiff saying we haven't hear from you in a while. I was so busy with that and then Irma coming, I haven't had time to be on here. We mainly did our rescues around Liberty, Vidor, Port Arthur, And Bridge City. When I got back to Florida, I too had chips in the gel coat, especially on the poling strakes. A local dealer heard about me going over there and offered to fix my boat for free. They even replaced my snarled up aluminum prop with a stainless one. Here are some pics. Oh, and the first people we rescued is the couple in the picture and later found out it was Don Rollins and his girlfriend. He wrote, "It is Five O'clock Somewhere."
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