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Microskiff Photos on Google Earth

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I recently put a few of my photos on Panoramio which is a site that is used to show photos on on Google Earth. Nine of the thirteen photos I put out there are now linked.  ;D Best I can tell they like to accept photos that showcase nature and do not identify people but I have at least one major exception to that rule. I would like to know if others here have shared their photos yet. Please post em if you got em.

(Pictures below look better if you click on them to see the native resolution)

This one is the major exception to the rule. Not sure why they accepted it.

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Thanks for the comments guys. My guess is that they don't mind boats in the photos but when it comes to people they get very picky. All of the other shots I submitted have one thing in common you can see and identify the people in the shots. The two that are the exception and did get accepted have animals in them. Tanner and a redfish in one. And the other has Buck, Capt Ron and Bucks German Shepard.

Anyone else submitting photos to Google Earth?
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