Miami-Dade Police Officers Killed

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    Roger Castillo was a personal friend of mine and I'd like to share a little about him and his partner, Amanda Haworth. Miami-Dade Police is the sheriff's office in Miami-Dade County, and they served honorably for over 20 years each. Here are links from the Miami Herald with information on them.

    The uncertainty of not coming home each day is the price we pay for doing the job we love; we never expect it to happen to us or someone close to us.

    Please keep the families of Roger and Amanda in your hearts and prayers.



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    May they rest in peace.
    My cousin Officer Micheal Ramirez was a good friend of Roger.

    Thank you, Alex, Tico and any other forum member, or any LEO for that matter that chose to do the job you guys do.

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    For those of you following this, here is a link to the details surrounding tonight's public viewing and the services tomorrow:

    If you would like to help, please make your checks payable to The Dade County PBA Love Fund, with officers Castillo and Haworth's names written in the memo section of the check. Donations should be mailed to 10680 NW 25 Street, Miami, FL 33172.

    Also, we are asking the community to get involved. If you could distribute the picture below to your friends, neighbors, etc. and ask them to print and display it in support of their police community, it would be greatly appreciated. Storefronts, cars, homes, etc... If interested, please call me at 786-712-1356 and I will immediately e-mail you a higher resolution file suitable for printing.

    Thanks for the continued support and prayers. Tony