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Mercury Carb Question

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I have a 96 25hp mercury, it has been sitting for a few years and it seems like the gaskets need to be replaced on the carb. Gas seems to be coming out of everywhere on the thing.
It has a manual choke. I found a 2000 mercury carb that looks the same except it seems to have electric choke on it. My question is can I install this new carb and use the electric choke somehow or can I take the electric choke off and put my manual on that one? any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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Question: Is the carb from the 2000 Merc freshly rebuilt? If not, you may have to rebuild the 2000 carb before installation and costing you an additional $50, plus the fact that you have to rig the electric choke.

I would get the rebuild kit, tear down your carb, rebuild and you'll have an "like new", fresh rebuilt carb with the manual choke.

You should get a manual if you don't have one. Carbs are not hard to rebuild if you have a manual.
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