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Hi there, new to the forum but I came across it when looking for info on potentially re propping my boat, seems to be a wealth of information here so I figured it may help steer me into the direction I should be going.

Last year end of the open water season I bought a new to me boat,(my first) it's a legend 164SC, 100 gauge hull and metal floor with a casting deck in the front, has a 25hp mercury four stroke EFI. took it out for a water test when I bought it and it ran well enough that I was happy with it. With 2 people, it would move at about 21mph without fishing gear, I'm now out for a week fishing and it seems to be losing power on the top end and I'm not certain if it's a mechanical issue with the engine itself or potentially the prop.

What happens is I'll be cruising at about 18mph (now my top speed for some reason) and it'll bog down and I'll drop to 10-12 mph, it will then kick itself back up to 14-15 mph and won't go any faster than that.

It seemed at first it might be a fuel starvation issue but it trolls perfectly down to 1.5-2.5 with no issues of any sort, and through the acceleration from a stop there's no issues. Also starts up first turn of the key every time zero issues.

It's currently propped with a 3 blade 9.5 x 11 aluminum which is the optimal size/pitch as per the mercury prop selector chart. I was looking at another site that showed a 4 blade Nemesis propeller in a 9.3 x 11 as an option for my motor and it showed the minimum speed as being 25mph which I would be more than happy with.

If anyone has any mechanical advice or thoughts on any avenues I should be looking into I would really appreciate it.

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