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2011 Mercury 20hp 4 stroke motor
- Power trim
- 24” Carbon Marine tiller extension
- Electric start
Motor has been stalling out on full throttle and has been occasionally blowing fuses when trimmed or started. Toggle on the tiller extension isn’t working so the trim has been wired back to its original mount.
Text or call Luke 3039295469 if you have questions
Motor is located in St Augustine, FL
147F3DA5-9F55-4874-ABD2-F70B14D5AD5C.jpeg 5888152C-5D4F-4071-854D-730565EACAAC.jpeg 5888152C-5D4F-4071-854D-730565EACAAC.jpeg 6087D006-E50B-42CD-A6AE-EF75F751F071.jpeg 3FA3F83D-B106-463D-9B04-F91E11CEDDB1.jpeg 30D3C49B-FE74-4286-B76A-111E344DE362.jpeg 6E1D13C3-1935-4BDD-8F71-C1F8733936DD.jpeg AEC1D8D0-C425-422D-93C4-2F3D02C8AD46.jpeg
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