Merc 25hp on Waterman HELP!!

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by Bonecracker, Apr 9, 2015.

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    Ok guys I have owned a lot of flats boats over the years but this is my first tiller boat with this small an engine. Since I am headed to Mobile to pick her up what do I need to do to have this motor ready to travel? All my other Yammy motors I raised up and locked in place, Easy-Peasy! Since this motor/boat is new to me, do I need to raise this motor for traveling like I did on all my other flats boats?
    If I do need to raise motor up, how do you lock the 25hp Merc in place?
  2. TGlidden

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    Manual or power tilt and trim?
    I wouldn't trailer without a transom saver.
    I trim the motor all the way up, put the transom saver on, then lower the motor. Depending on how it's mounted you might need a strap between the skeg and trailer. Also if it doesn't have one, get a stern strap for it. Hope that answers all your questions and good luck with your trip, you got a great skiff