merc 25 impeller?

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by saltandson, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. saltandson

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    How long should it take for the motor to start "peeing" when I flush it? It seemed fine last time I was out, but when I flushed it, it took a while. Maybe no hotter when it did but by the time it did I was done with the flush. It's a 2001 25hp 2 smoke that I got from a friend who had never had the need to do anything to it. Any help or answers appreciated!
  2. Brett

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    If I owned a 2001 outboard, and was questioning the status of the impeller,
    I'd go with the assumption it had never been replaced and do so ASAP!

  3. rkmurphy

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    Get an OEM shop manual and it's easy. Part is ~$15-$20 and then you'll know the last time it was done. Careful when you check the thermostat, though. Though bolts will break! Get a couple torque wrenches, grease the bolt threads, and retorque them to ~90% of what the manual calls for.

    Oh and you might as well replace the gasket and o-ring on the water pump and thermostat...they cost cents on the dollar.
  4. krash

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    My rule of outboard motors is replace the impleller once a year, along with the lower unit gear-oil.

    But my son has a 2004 Merc. 25. 2 stke.. and it has a thermostat.. many times when we flush it it take a few minutes for the engine to come up to temp, we alos have a temp guage, and the theermostat to open.
    If you watch while you are flushing, the engine should discharge water from the pee-hole tube, then stop.. this also happens on the water also. Depending on the temp of the water supply it opens and closes at different rates.
  5. noeettica

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    I pulled the Foot My impeller Looked liked new ... But NO big Impressive pee stream not running hot ... New Motor ...

    also have a small motor ...NO big pee stream ... Impeller like new ... run motor does NOT run hot .... So be it

  6. DblHaul

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    merc 2 stroke 25's don't pee until the thermostat opens. You should see a mist though, from that vent on the mid section.
  7. Un-shore

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    Are you flushing with muffs?
  8. saltandson

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    Hey thanks for the replies, I got the manual and seems that it has thermostat, it does mist before it comes on, so that explain it. I have ordered one and the appropriate gaskets and should complete it this weekend. Hoping to get pics of it up soon as I have never posted pics of my skiff. Thanks again!