Memorial Day 2014

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    Memorial Day 2014.  Lot’s of good news, troops are coming home, but many have made the final
         sacrifice and they are the ones we recognize on Memorial Day.  Sometime during this long weekend
         while you are at the BBQ or the beach or a picnic or just hanging with friends, take a moment to
         to reflect on those soldiers that will never again do the things you are doing this weekend.  They will   
         never be with their families or their friends.  Those families and friends will never have the
         benefit of their wisdom or friendship again.  They will never see another Christmas or tuck their
         babies in at night.  We, as private citizens, are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice.  Please, don’t
         take that lightly. 
    A moment of reflection during the Memorial Day weekend
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    x100,the MOST honorable yet, horrific sacrifice. Too many friends and my only brother. Please honor our fallen!

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    Very well said
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    Agree 100%!

    Thank you to all that have served and to those who continue to serve. YOU are appreciated.

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