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Measuring Fuel Level 16 ft Dolphin Super skiff

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My 1990 Dolphin Super skiff has an aluminum 15 or 18 gallon tank but Bo fuel gauge. What's the best way to measure and monitor fuel levels to prevent getting stranded? 70 Hp 2 stoke yamaha.
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Dip stick is old school and effective.
Installing a fuel gauge is a possibility.
Aluminum tank may be as small as 12 gallons.

Fuel consumption meters are available, not cheap.

dip stick : only gonna work if there's a straight run from the fill cap to the tank's bottom

installing a fuel guage-if there's not one installed/this could be a big problem.small aluminum tanks are usually 1/8th" or in some cases -3/16",the area where the sender is located,this area is usually backed up by an additional piece of material - 1/8" of material will not hold threads very well...

flo scan units are about the best/most accurate flow meters...

that engine - 70hp 2 stroke-use the 10% rule - meaning,10% is 7 - that engine will burn in the area of [email protected] throttle - approx half that number @ cruise - 3-4gph...
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