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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MariettaMike, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. MariettaMike

    MariettaMike Wish'n I was Fish'n!

    I looked at the ICAST schedule to find the first seminar is basically psych 101.

    They are teaching store owners and their employees ways to trick you into thinking you need something you don't.

    Even this site has become full of Marketing BS. Just yesterday I Google searched for headphones for my my office desk phone, and last night when I logged into the forum I get an ad right in the middle of a thread showing telephone headsets.

    Kinda makes you understand how the fish feel to have artificial or hook tainted baits thrown in your face all the time.
  2. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    What part of running a successful business don't you get?

    As a business owner you have to evolve or become a dinosaur. Everyone can benefit from continued education.

    As for the ad that just happened to appear after you did a search is target marketing and this is not the only site that uses it. Google is the number one practitioner.

  3. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Theres a game on the i phone (i think..) the whole thing is logos and you have to see if you know them.
    its kinda sad how many we know without thinking since they are beat into our mind day in day out.
  4. MariettaMike

    MariettaMike Wish'n I was Fish'n!

    I get all of it. Just wish there was a place left with shelter from it.

    And if a business owner has to be taught marketing, he's already lost.
  5. Net 30

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    As DuckNut said…in today's business climate you either evolve or you perish. 

    The most successful companies out there are always researching and learning new ways to market their goods to the masses.  To avoid the onslaught of messages you need to disconnect yourself from the tools of delivery:  Computer, Phone, TV and Radio.
  6. MariettaMike

    MariettaMike Wish'n I was Fish'n!

    Innovators that are the first to try new things and are successful become the lesson material for followers. Followers are in perpetual catch-up mode and are doomed to be losers unless they learn to be innovative on their own.
  7. skinny_water

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    I'm in sales so lets get to it...

    It's not tricking you in to buying something you don't need. You don't go into a store for no reason at all. These VENDOR events are to showcase there new products. Each one has there pitch on why it's better than the last. As a sales person we take this knowledge and pass that on to the consumer. It's not about selling you something that you don't need. It's about getting your the right product that fits your needs.

    You go into a store to buy a new cast net. Your upset at your current one because you keep getting Christmas trees. You tell the sales person. He knows from this gained knowledge that you should be using a smaller mesh net, and recommends one to you. You are worried it wont sink fast enough... his knowledge will show you that one manufacture has more led per foot and a faster sink rate. Something you wouldn't know looking at labels.

    You go into a store and buy new treble hooks for your favorite topwater because the hooks keep breaking. The heavy duty hooks turn your topwater into a sinking lure. Using a sales person with product knowledge will get you the proper hook for your situation. And you wouldn't spend HOURS looking at an endless wall of hooks!
  8. Capnredfish

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    Do not buy into all of the new products. Some things do not really need to evolve. Stick with mono, dead bait and a regular old hook and catch all of the fish you want like I do. Go up against anyone anytime. Tackle business is like all the others now, more bullshnit than ever. I am sure they are trying get to find a way to charge a monthly fee too. Add tracking is annoying I agree.
  9. MariettaMike

    MariettaMike Wish'n I was Fish'n!

    No need to be defensive. Sales is a necessary evil, just like public education. However there is NOTHING product related in this seminar:

    In this two-hour session, you’ll learn about the seven deep-rooted evolved psychological mechanisms that ultimately drive human behavior, especially purchasing behavior. Armed with that knowledge, Webb will then examine how these mechanisms apply to the three generations that presently drive our industry: Baby Boomers, GenX and the Millennials. Finally, you’ll learn practical - and tactical - application of this information across each of today's key marketing and communication channels.

    Seating is limited to 50 people. The registration fee is $75 and will be refunded if you attend the seminar.
  10. CurtisWright

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    Good connection to psycology. From my days in the retail business I always thought it was easier to sell the dream of catching a monster, than to try and sell the tackle to catch it.

    I think it is awesme and am always amazed at the marketing tecniques.
  11. MariettaMike

    MariettaMike Wish'n I was Fish'n!

    Sell the Sizzle, NOT the steak. And then there were fajitas! Cheap steak that's still sizzling when served.