MarineTex and Epoxy resin

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    I have a 13ft lowsider and want to put a 1/2" plywood for the back bench to the transom as a back cashing deck.....can use epoxy resin over the plywood then use marine tex around the edges to bond to the bare glass hull?

    Can I use marineTex putty for bottom of the boat where it's has a small crack on the bow....very small like 2" long and 3cm wide then sand it out to smooth?

    Help me out here!
  2. Brett

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    Marine tex can be used as a filler to bond the plywood to the hull,
    fill with marine-tex, then glass to strengthen.
    Can also be used to fill small cracks and scratches in the hull.

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    marine tex is way to expensive ---make your own w/ "fillet powder "and epoxy

    mt on the whole will wrk great

    see and its links
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    Sand away any gel coat where you are making a structural bond.