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Marine ply joints

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So as i work through building walk around gunnels on my Banshee (have templated and rough cut all pieces), my next question is joints. When joining the pieces i was thinking of using epoxy to bond and #6 stainless screws to hold together (maybe some pocket screws too). All wood will be encapsulated, i was hoping to limit the glass cloth layup process to joints where the new work meets the hull. Is this approach ok?
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No pics to post yet, but basically i'm referring to the supports (cut to act as rod holders), joined to the walk around gunnels. I thought my plan was solid but don't want to take any compromising shortcuts.

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Fiberglass loses strength in hard 90° bends.
Glass strand has great tensile strength but weak shear resistance.
A transition curve allows stress to transfer evenly across the corner.
The epoxy fillet material creates a joint which is stronger
than the adjoining wood and with a layer of tooling cloth over it
makes for an extremely strong and durable wood to wood joint.
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