Marine GPS power options

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    I finally outgrew my garmin 62 and it's time for a real chartplotter. I don't have a 12v system installed in my skiff and I don't any desire to add one.

    Has anyone installed something like a Elite 7 or similar on a grab bar with a self contained battery? I've toyed around with the idea of repurposing a laptop battery or maybe building a small battery box for a small lithium battery on the grab bar.

    I'm just trying to avoid installing a battery and battery box in the bow and chasing wires all over the place.
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    You might look into small sealed lead acid batteries. There are many different sizes most are under 10lbs.

    You could also do ni-cd. Much cheaper then lit-ion and no special chargers.,N~44-2147384810-4196097543

    Make sure you look at the draw from your gps unit and get a battery that will last all day.