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Marathon, Duck, Cudjoe Keys

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Going to be headed down to the Middle Keys in the beginning of July to do some poon fishing. Looking for economical places to stay. Have searched Airbnb and vrbo as well as some of the motel/hotels. Does anyone have any info on a good cheap place to stay? Don’t need trailer parking just somewhere to crash after fishing all day. TIA!
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There are no tarpon in
Most places have 1 month minimum for airbnb. Old wooden bridge, parmers in lower keys. Not sure about further up. Sometimes you can rent for a "month" and "leave early" and get a refund. Personally I prefer a house because then I can cook, laundry, have skiff parking and wash space etc. Venture out on cudjie does some short term rentals as well, but they have some weird hoa rules.
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