Making Cell phones more affordable ...

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    Stop letting the Cell phone companies have the upper hand ...

    I carry a plain jane phone and text every day and am very happy with it ...

    the following is perfectly legal ...

    But for Schittz and Grinz I purchased a "Smart Phone "to play with Samsung "android"

    first order of business get the phone "Unlocked" (freedom to choose carrier)

    Next I purchased a T-Mobile Sim card $6.50

    Next activate Sim card (Choose who You want To be) they Don't Check ...

    You now have a new and secret phone number ! (turn off your ID on phone)

    Buy air time ... Buy card and pay Cash ... I chose $2.00 a day "Unlimited"

    You only need to use your phone 1 Day a month ! so you now have a "Smart Phone"
    you only pay if you make or receive a call $2.00 for the whole day !

    So for now I turn on and use the phone on Saturdays $8.00 a month ...

    If I want I can Slip my AT&T Sim into the phone and Be Day to day with my normal phone Number ...

    Just a fun little exercise ... Your mileage may Vary ... :D
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    Crack and Meth dealers have been doing this for years, and you're just now finding it out????

    Don't you watch The First 48???