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Makai: pronounced: (mah-KAH-ee, mah-KAI) the Hawaiian word meaning: towards the sea

Makai Fishing Products was inspired by a desire to offer dealers and their customers the highest quality fishing lines, tools and terminal tackle available at an exceptional value. Our core qualification is based on decades of experience within the fishing industry. With our expertise and knowledge we have assembled what we feel will soon be recognized as the new standard that anglers will see as reliable, affordable and innovative.

Face it some fish are so wary and conditions are so pristine that typical monofilament leader just won’t do the trick. Be it bonefish tailing on gin clear flats in the Bahamas or giant Prince Edward Island Bluefin tuna feeding on herring a few feet from the boat, you need to be able to present your fly, lure or bait so perfectly to trick or deceive the fish. The only choice for these conditions is Makai ‘Deception” 100% Fluorocarbon. “Deception’s” characteristics allow anglers the ability to match their leader to the targeted species without having to downsize so much that they lose any advantage or confidence that their leader won’t fail while knowing that the fish won’t shy away due to the leader material. Make no mistake “Deception” is 100% fluorocarbon leader material with a refractive index nearly identical to water, won’t absorb water and has no buoyancy, Deception” is available in 50 yard lengths on spools from 15-80 pound test and coils from 100-200 pound tests. Be sure to use top quality Makai Fishing Products crimping tools and sleeves specifically coded to your line choice.

Contact Island Tackle Distributors 844-503-3669 or [email protected] for more information and dealer inquiries...

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