maintenence of rods and reels

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    I was about to throw away my lexus rod which had a broken guide and inserts. Some one told me about Kely's rods and reels at 436 south of the chrysler dealer on the opposite side or east side. For 13 dollars he did a good as new job. When I asked him what he does after fishing in salt water, he says don't wash it ,just spray and wipe with pledge. Wd40 he says is the worse you could put into it because it will remove and dry up all the lubrication in the reels. He also fixes reels and minkota and motor guide trolling motors and sells used stuff. Just wanted to share. How do you guys maintain your rods and reels. thanks tito, owner of the feisty gheenoe hisider.
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    after my fishin trips i take all my rods and reels into the shower with me. I set em in the corner as i suds up and rinse off then put them right into the water.

    thats all. anything more than that is too much work! ;)

  3. Maintenance of reels is always a hot topic. Seems like there a many different opinions. Here's mine :).

    Several years ago, the guys at Kelly's told me the same thing about Pledge. So, I started using it. Basically, I spray my reel and then use a natural bristle paint brush to clean it. This cleaning method seems to work fine. Now day's after I'm done drying the Gheenoe with a chamois, I just wipe off the rods and reels.

    Kelly advises against washing the reels because it forces the salt water into the inner workings of the reels. I can testify to this being true, at least on an older Stradic that I rebuilt for my wife.

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