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Mahogany and Holly floor.

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Worked on my skiff today, the first day in a few weeks. I faux painted the floor to look like a Mahogany and Holly deck of an old Chris Craft. I have a few areas to clean up & true up but all in all it came out well.
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Could have fooled me! Looks great man, special type of skill to make faux wood look good 馃憤
That鈥檚 some incredibly impressive work. I understand this is quite the undertaking. Where did you learn how to do this?
Very nice. The real teak isn't too bad to maintain when it's in good shape. The faux is much easier.
Nice, some great patterns, is it a secret sauce your willing to share!
Looks great!

I鈥檝e spent a lot of time on boats with a real real and holly sole鈥 yours looks better!
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Looks like it鈥檚 unanimous, great job!
Nice work!
That looks great and I鈥檝e not seen it that good but the first thing I thought while looking at your pictures was man that鈥檚 pretty how鈥檚 he going to clean it鈥ish guts
Very impressive work. I would love to know a little more on your process for the faux wood grain. It looks very real!
Thank you to everyone that commented, It took a few days to complete doing 3 or 4 rows a day so I had room to move around.

permitchaser - it should be no harder to clean than any other painted deck surface. It will get non skid and 3 coats of clear.

millerrep - Not really anything secret, some gel-stain over a peanut butter base. I took a picture of all the things I used , Ill post that picture below.

MSFLIES - Taught myself out of necessity, at 14 yrs old I loved old cars, I knew if I wanted a cool one id need to build it myself because I didn't have money to buy one, As I got older I wanted to do it not pay someone. As I've gotten much older Ive realized I'd rather F_ @# it up myself for free, than to pay someone to [email protected]# it up for me. I know there are many talented and trusted shops around but for me its something I really enjoy. As for the wood graining I started that a few years back when I was painting fishing rod blanks for a rod builder here in town, then on to some garnish moldings and dash board for an old Ford .

This is everything I used
Plant Bottle Table Flowerpot Houseplant

Yesterday I added some faux plugs to cover my imaginary screws.
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Wow. Can't believe that's painted on. Excellent work, man.
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