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LR15 Skiff info help

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Hey, everyone, I found a used 2018 Skiff I am interested in buying but can't seem to find any info anywhere on it. it's an LR15 which I think stands for LazyRiver Skiffs. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the LR15 and maybe knows some of the specs of it or has ridden in one.
Thanks for your help!
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Can you post a picture? I had a skiff made by a company call Lazy River about 20 years ago. It was about 15’ long. Anyway, basic rolled edge, wood core fiberglass skiff, it was the wettest ride I’ve ever had in any kind of chop, but besides that a really fun little boat that was super economical to buy and own. I think I owned it for five or six years, repowered it once, taking the steering wheel and side console off and going tiller.

I put spray rails on mine and that helped dry the boat up, but turned it into a really noisy skiff with the hull slap. It really was maddening how much spray in the face I took.

I saw low 30’s with a 30hp Merc on the side console and got about 28mph with a 25hp Merc tiller.
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