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Low water pickup?

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I am looking to buy a new skiff with new outboard, skiff will have a tunnel. I have heard that certain outboards you cannot put a LWP on because it skews the computer in some way and causes temperature problems. Is this true? More importantly, can you put a low water pickup on an Etec without any future issues?
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One evening over a few cold ones at a local hangout,
a group of half-adzed backyard mechanics,
discussed the problem of low water pick-ups.
We agreed that unless the impeller is below water level to start,
it's difficult to obtain prime. Air bleed prevents suction.
Our beer-fueled solution was an electric pump,
mounted on the transom, fed by a pickup tube,
with the output fed to the engine by way of an adapter
to the water riser tube. When hull speed became fast enough,
the pressure created by the forward motion of the hull
became greater than that supplied by the pump, the pump turned off,
and as long as the hull was operating at planing speeds,
the engine was cooled by the flow from the pickup.
Kind of rube-goldberg, but we agreed it was do-able.
Too bad none of us ever attempted to build it.
We were too busy fish'n and divin'. ;)

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Problem with most intakes, is that they are well below the level of the impeller and housing.
The gaskets/orings that seal the housing aren't that great and allow air leakage.
That means the vaccum pressure isn't low enough to keep the pump primed.
That results in lack of water flow and overheating. Our ******* solution was the electric water pump
that was always below water level and so would continuously feed water to the riser tube.
Low water intakes have to be properly engineered and the flow channel sealed.
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