lousy economy hits too close to home

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by deerfly, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. deerfly

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    International company I work for just cut the head count by 20% both in offices abroad and the US. 4 of the 7 person team I've worked with here in Fl for over 10 years now were let go yesterday. That's a 57% hit to our team.  :mad:

    Similar but not as extensive reductions have occurred several times over the last 5 years due to sluggish sales and cash flow, but this was the first time where I really wasn't certain I'd be spared. Some very talented and fine people were dumped on the streets yesterday. Very tough to be so close to these kinds of things.

    A couple of key, but vague emails and a company wide meeting announcement for yesterday at noon tipped us off last week, but no one on my team was certain who would be let go. I haven't slept much since then, even had to take an Ambien last night to be able to doze off. Majorly suck a$$ ordeal to be involved in. Because of the economy the job market is for schit now for these people too and I'm supposed to just be happy I have a job. I haven't been this miserable and uninspired in quite some time.  I feel really bad for these people, after working together for so many years we're like family. :(
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    Good to hear you were spared. When its happened to me I have been fortunate enough to find new opportunities. I hope your co-workers can do the same.

    Funny story. I had no clue it was coming one time until my boss gave everyone on her team a copy of the book Who Moved My Cheese  ;D Looking back it was a very smart move. She prepared all of us for our meetings with the hatchet staff. Many of us said the right things necessary to stay employed but in different roles.


  3. HaMm3r

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    I hear ya, Eric. :mad: It's tough out there and I'm glad you survived that round of "reductions", even if you're not...yet. Believe me, it's far better to be one of the few survivors than the alternative. I speak from experience, as I fell into the latter category about 5 years ago. :'( Those folks will rebound, as I did, but they're probably in for some rough times for awhile.
  4. MATT

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    good to hear your still ok, I can feel the same things happening in the banking field that I work in. Lets hope weekday fishing will stay some thing to look forward to.
  5. TomFL

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    Yeah, it's getting serious out there. My wife is a nurse recruiter and she's just been scaled back to 4 day weeks.

    Glad she still has a job as she's the one who carries our medical coverage, etc.

  6. phishphood

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    Tough indeed. My brother was in the mortgage business with Lehmen Brothers until about 9 months ago. He's been bouncing temp jobs ever since.
  7. islander1225

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    I know how it goes as well i got laid off back in march and just got another job back in the beginning of sept, I did just find out though that the company i work for is owned by Warren Buffet so it puts my mind a little at ease.

  8. beavis

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    Glad to see you were spared Eric. Hell, since I got out of college, my longest job has been a year and a half. But most people cringe at how I work anyway. ;D ;D Good luck everyone
  9. noeettica

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    Hint Live Small / Debt free fly under the radar .... Have a network / barter

    Be multi talented .... I am a PUG lol ...(poor urban gheenoer)


    The Big House / Trophy Wife Lavish Entertainment ! are Finally Bitting people in the A$$ You would think these People would have better sense ...

  10. captnron

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    Best advice I could giver anyone is to read the book. [smiley=1-beer.gif] When life looks grim, read it again. ;)

    Great post Tom. :cool:
  11. noeettica

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    When There is no work I asign myself to my own outplacement therapy ... I go work on my new Office ...LOL (Every Stick , Nail , wire , plumbing fixture is paid for as I go)

    Just Tiled the bathroom floor with "scrap" tile ...

    and keep the faith God knows what we all need

  12. Kemo

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    Eric, there's more than tenure that kept you there. Neither hard work nor performance alone - you need to have both. Obviously, someone recognizes that you have both.
  13. noeettica

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    Would be nice if there were "real Jobs" available

    All I am getting is Work like a Dog for Chump Change :-(


    That being Said If someone wants to bang on 6 squares of Arc's
    for $125.00 ....

    right now my "part time" person gets 3 "days" of work a week about 3 hrs a day ...$35.00 a day

    I am only getting 4 service calls a week
  14. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Earlier this week the downsizing ax hit our shop... 10 folks let go. Best friend, we have worked together for almost 11 years was let go.

    Some weeks are better than others... this wasn't one of them.