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Louisiana redfish killed by menhaden boars

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Wanna vomit???

“By conservative estimates, as much as 140 million pounds or more of bycatch are harvested and destroyed by these menhaden harvesters annually,” Macaluso says. That includes both vital forage species and prime game fish that support the state’s recreational-fishing industry.

“Seeing hundreds and sometimes thousands of large, breeding-size redfish killed in pogy nets along the beaches where they’re eating and spawning every summer and fall is gut-wrenching,” adds Macaluso, a lifelong Louisiana resident and angling enthusiast.
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All about the money. Oyster boats strip our reefs and drag them flat in a few days then move on. None of these dipshit biologists care they just keep taking money and letting the bay get raped and in turn increase regulations on the fishery acting like they are helping.
Here is a video I shot a couple of years ago when there were still reefs in that area. They dragged two miles of reef flat before TPWD closed the area and opened others to be raped.

Calcasieu Lake got stripped bare of oysters by boats with dredges. They finally put in Hand Tong only regs.
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