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Louisiana redfish killed by menhaden boars

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Wanna vomit???

“By conservative estimates, as much as 140 million pounds or more of bycatch are harvested and destroyed by these menhaden harvesters annually,” Macaluso says. That includes both vital forage species and prime game fish that support the state’s recreational-fishing industry.

“Seeing hundreds and sometimes thousands of large, breeding-size redfish killed in pogy nets along the beaches where they’re eating and spawning every summer and fall is gut-wrenching,” adds Macaluso, a lifelong Louisiana resident and angling enthusiast.
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Once or twice a year I will fish a couple hours west at Cape San Blas / Mexico beach. Just outside the bay they have a couple large net ships catching some sort of baitfish. I had thought it was illegal in FL but they must have some sort of exemption. Anyone know what they are targeting and what type of by-catch they have. It looks like a pretty big operation.
Not the same thing at all, and not illegal. That's Raffield's out of St. Joe, they're fishing cigar minnows, ballyhoo, sardines, . Their bigger boat Capt Salty was also used for catching jellyfish. I've been out on their boats before, they typically spot the bait-fish from the air and are pretty good at getting what they're after. I am not saying there are never other fish caught, but by law game fish are released. I have never seen big Reds caught or any big fish floating around behind them. They've been fishing that area for about 100 yrs.
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