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Guys check this out....

1st Annual False Casters Anonymous Redfish Tournament

Location- Sweetwater Marina 6205 Delcroix Highway, Delacroix, LA
Date- April 21 2012


1. This is a fly only event meaning the only method with which eligible fish may be taken is by fly rod and reel. Only flies with single hooks may be used. No soaking flies, chumming, tipping the fly, etc. will be allowed. There is no maximum tippet strength and any style leader may be used.

2. All contestants must have a valid Louisiana fishing license and are required to follow all applicable
federal, state and local regulations and laws. Any violation of such regulations and laws may result in disqualification
from the tournament. Teams may consist of one, two, or three persons provided that for three member teams only two members are above age 16. Meaning two adults may fish with one child 16 or younger. All team members must fish from the same boat, kayak, pirogue, etc.

3. There will be a pre-tournament meeting held just prior to blast off, the morning of the tournament, all teams must have a representative present.

4. Any team may launch/fish at their own preference provided it is with the following boundaries: North to HWY 300/ HWY 46 merger (4 way stop), South to American Bay (Point a la Hache), East to the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO), and West to the Mississippi River.

5. Scoring will be based on the combined total length of three (3) redfish required to be at least 16" and no more than 27". Each team will need to provide a digital camera and must photograph their catch with pinched (not swept, pinched) tail on a approved measuring board (Check It Sticks, tape measures, rulers, etc.). The photo must also contain the official False Casters Anonymous tournament handout (provided by myself at the captains meeting) to ensure the catch was made that day.All fish will be measured to the nearest 1/4" interval. Fish may touch the 27" mark but ARE NOT allowed to cross it. Meaning a fish measured at 26 5/8" will be scored at 26 1/2".

6. There are no boat restrictions. Paddling, poling, trolling motors, and anchoring are all acceptable means of fishing.

7. There will be a TNT/Calcutta for those interested that being $30 per team. It is not required that a team enlist for the calcutta. The funds will be awarded to the 3 highest finishing teams signed up for the calcutta. Money will be collected the morning of the tournament.

8. There will be a maximum of five (5) hand tied flies allowed per team within the tournament. These flies must be checked in at the captains meeting by those teams. Any fish caught on a certified fly (with photographic proof) will have one quarter inch (1/4") added to that fish. Meaning a 27" caught on a certified fly will be measured at 27 1/4".

9. This a for fun (FOR FUN) tournament designed to bring together the small but growing segment of Louisiana fly fishermen together for a day of fish stories, beer drinking, and fun. No nonsense, please leave the egos and crying at home with the communist tackle.
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