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Looking to replace my Lowrance IFinder GPS

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Well I've tried to live with this stupid GPS for over a year now and no matter what I do I can not read this thing over 1/2 the time in direct sunlight, I know I should have gone with a Garmin. That being said I want to replace it ASAP and while I like the Garmins I have the Navionics chart in it that cost me an additional $$$$$ so I would like to find a unit that is compatable with the Navionics chart. So far it looks like my choices are Lowrance/ Eagle (little leery of these with the current issue) Humminbird, or Raymarine (not cheap.

So anyone have any ideas? I don't want to break the bank so the Humminbird is looking like the only non Lowrance option at the moment.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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