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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by brianincc, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. brianincc

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    I just thought I would throw this out there.I am looking for an early aquasport or proline.I want a serious project boat the cheaper the better. I don't care if there are trees growing in the hull behind some ones barn kind of project. Thanks.
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  3. snooknreds2

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    I have a older 17' dusky that is ready for a new floor, stringers need some loving, but the transom was is good condition last time I had the boat running. It is on the west coast of Florida at my parents house just sitting in a field, make me an offer and it is yours!!!
  4. brianincc

    brianincc Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys I'm really wanting something in the 19'-24' range. I want to be able to sneak offshore for some diving and spearfishing.I love the lines of the classic aquasports and prolines.I had a 74 aquasport and got low on funds and had to sell her.They are getting hard to find.
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    74' Mako w/150hp Johnson (94 I think) on a tandem axle Boat master trailer.
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    More specifically, what are you looking for? I have been passing on a bunch of these lately. You want a "flatback" or a later hull?

    Just let me know. I have buddies that know these boats and watch for them daily. How much do you want to spend? Just a couple of months ago, I passed on a killer deal on a 222 where the trailer was worth what he had to get. Hull was rough but fully intact and it had a running motor that could have been sold off where I could have been in it for almost nothing. Just one example.

    Have a 24 Proline Flatback (early 70's) that I can get cheep if you can act pretty quick. The key is to show with cash in hand. ;)

    Also has a 222 that has been reworked but he needs to get his money out of it. Transom is enclosed with a porta brax. ;)

    If any of this interests you contact me @ theskiffshop@yahoo.com. I don't get much time to log in here and go through the threads ;)