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Recently picked up a skiff with a 2012 df40a 4s. Previous owner must’ve drove through sand constantly without flushing, because the entire cooling system was clogged with sand. This caused intermittent pissing.
I Replaced the impeller, had a weak pee stream, and still got an overheat alarm after about a min or two at wot. Motor stopped pissing.

I figured I’d start flushing the system so I started taking the cooling system apart. Got a piece of wire and started poking the sand out of all the hoses. Thermostat, water pressure valve, took everything off. But I’m having trouble with the system after the thermostat. Been looking through the engine diagrams and can’t seem to find where this particular port leads to, it seems completely blocked. I have attached a picture. Just trying to attack it from another angle. Air won’t even pass through it..

thanks in advance


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