SOLD/EXPIRED looking for skiff to pole...

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    OK background.... I just graduated from UF and am home probably for another 6-8 months going into the army officer core and when I am not working out at a crossfit gym I am out on my 2200 century. (great boat too bad they stopped making them ps.)

    Long story short I am looking for a skiff to go bonefishing out of blackpoint like I used too before I went and sold my small boat and got an edumacation at UF.
    My price range is around 2000 but also have a bike 2006 ZX6R that I owe a couple bucks on. See where I'm going with this.  ;) so if you guys have any fixer uppers that you'd want to get out of the old garage or maybe you have a boat that needs work and are willing to "rent" it out in exchange for work, lemme know.

    tight lines.