SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for skiff around New Orleans

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by mdrenski, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. mdrenski

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    Hello All, I'm obviously new around here and I have been looking around for a few weeks to find a decent skiff within my driving and price range. I haven't had much luck past the Lagoon that sold recently from Mississippi.

    As I'm new I am not wishing to get into a decked out skiff with all kids of bells and whistles and would rather find something that is essentially stripped down to the bare minimum that I can make additions to as I find my preference. I have been exclusively kayak fishing for the past 4 years so I am used to fishing minimal but now I am ready to expand my fishing grounds to those spots on the map that are just too far to reach with a paddle/peddle craft.

    If you or someone you know along the Gulf Coast has been thinking about selling, please feel free to post here with the expectation that I am very interested.

    I'm willing to travel between Lafayette to Biloxi and my price range is $3-6k.

    Please let me know if my expectations are way off base so that I can adjust my search rather than spinning my wheels.

  2. ifsteve

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    BayStYat has a Ghennoe 25LT for sale within an hour of you. Its in the classidieds section.

  3. jmrodandgun

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    This skiff is bitchin. If I had room in my garage I would drive to Houston and drag it home.
  4. Paul_Barnard

    Paul_Barnard Well-Known Member

    I will keep an eye out for you. Give us some more details of what you are looking for.
  5. mdrenski

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    Thanks Paul, I'm assuming you are the same Paul B on BCKFC. If I get a new boat I'll have to keep an eye out for your great equipment purge sales.

    I'm mostly interested in minimal amenities and no frills so I can haul my next kayak with the skiff to new fishing locations. There are many places I would love to fish around in the marsh that are just too far of a paddle in the kayak and I'm no stranger to paddling 2-5 miles one way to a fishing spot. With that being said, that is why I want the skiff. :D

    I found a Carolina J14 that has nothing but a front casting deck and a stick drive outboard for a good price that you may see in my driveway tomorrow night.

    Thanks, for the suggestions thus far folks.
  6. fishicaltherapist

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    Check out BayStYats Gheenoe on this forum. Perfect step up/set up for you !
  7. pt448

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    There's a 2014 shadowcast in Baton Rouge that's listed on the sportsman. Asking 10,500 which I know is a little more than your budget, but that's a pretty rare opportunity to get a brand new shadowcast in LA with no wait time or drive to FL. I messaged the guy and might take a look at it myself. If I get it I'll have a J16 for sale in Luling that will be in your price range.