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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Capt Dan Medina, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Capt Dan Medina

    Capt Dan Medina Well-Known Member

    So I am looking to upgrade some of my inshore gear and am looking for the best prices on new equipment.

    Reel wise, I have my heart set on either the 4000ci4+ or fj 4000 or 5000. I've found them on ebay relatively cheap, but figured I'd ask and see if anyone knows of an online store that's got them at at good price or willing to give discounts for multiple reels purchased.

    Looking for matching pairs...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Vertigo

    Vertigo Carpe Diem

    I know this will be blasphemy to some folks, but I've been using Okuma Trio reels for the past few years and I much prefer them to the higher priced Shimanos. I do actually own a couple of the CF Stradics but I keep going back to the Trio High Speed which costs about 1/3 of the Shimano. Better still, at about $70 a pop for the Okumas, you won't feel so bad when a charter drops one overboard.

  3. Godzuki86

    Godzuki86 FlounderPounder

    My buddy uses the okuma Helios and really likes it. I had the new penn conflicts in 3000. Wasn't fond of them. My 3000 battle was smoother. So I just bought two 4000 conquers. Same size as the 3000 (either battle or conflict) just with more line capacity.
  4. Capt Dan Medina

    Capt Dan Medina Well-Known Member

    Not knocking the other reels, as I have used the penns and other brands. These reels are for personal use. These are replacing some older reels to compliment the existing stradics I already have.

    Just looking to see if anyone knows where to get the best prices.
  5. jackson98

    jackson98 I Love microskiff.com!

    Capt Dan just to give you fair warning Shimano will not warranty reels if they are not bought from an authorized retailer, a friend of mine was told that so make sure to check out who you are buying them from. Other than that they are amazing reels and everyone I know loves them and not had any problems with them. They are extremely light and resilient reels.
  6. hferrell87

    hferrell87 Well-Known Member

    Dunno about that. I bought a Ci4 off eBay and have had it serviced multiple times by Shimano. In fact, I recently sent in one of my three Ci4's that had seen better days and they sent me back a brand new Ci4+. Took forever, but was well worth the wait!

    That being said, I would hands down buy the Ci4+'s. You cannot beat the light weight, smoothness of the reel.

    The main thing on these Ci4's is the roller bearing will go out first every time. I have heard of people replacing the roller bearing with some higher grade bearings to help with the longevity you get out of it before having to send it in.
  7. RonBari

    RonBari I Love microskiff.com!

    I fish with a quiver of three Shimano Stradics and one Ci4.. all of which have worked well for me.  However, my wife recently replaced her aging Quantum Bocas with a couple of the Fin-Nor Inshore series reels.   Quite frankly, I'm very impressed.  They're balanced, high quality reels manufactured with tight tolerances, and priced very reasonably.  Check out the reviews.  Comments like "Feels like you're driving a new BMW instead of an old Impala" are accurate.
  8. Rediculous

    Rediculous Boozle on...

    I agree, hands down the best inshore reel for throwing artificials. You can buy replacement roller bearings from shimano for like $3 a piece. You have to order months advance, cause people buy them up and then sell them on ebay and such for $10 or more. But if you order 10 or so, you'll be set for a very long time. I've been using stradics for almost 20 yrs, and have owned many different brands and models in between, and I haven't found a better reel yet.
  9. Pmn000

    Pmn000 I Love microskiff.com!

    What are you looking to pay per reel and what sizes? I own a tackle shop in Naples and if I can price match I will.

    Also, I would not recommend the Ci4, stick with the FJ. The Ci4 has no wear near the amount of sealing they claim, and look to my reel repair guy like a freshwater only reel. We have had to replace bearings in a good amount of them.
  10. Capt Dan Medina

    Capt Dan Medina Well-Known Member


    I have priced the fj 4000 reels on ebay at 151 free shipping, no taxes.

    Let me know if that's a deal I shouldn't pass up or if you can do better.

  11. Paul_Barnard

    Paul_Barnard Well-Known Member

    Dan, it can be very difficult to find discounted Shimano stuff. I think Shimano discourages it. I was very lucky and found Sustains on closeout at Academy for 99 bucks recently. I bought several and love them. Wish I had bought more now.
  12. Edfish

    Edfish I Love microskiff.com!

    OP: I haven't found FJ 4000's for less than the price you mentioned on ebay or elsewhere. I have purchased several from different sellers on ebay, and greatbaytackle is my favorite seller, due to good service when I chose to return something. I'm willing to pay small (<$10) differences in price on a reel listing ~ $200, if I can order from sellers who (apparently) operate brick and mortar fishing tackle stores. Just my opinion/experience.
  13. hferrell87

    hferrell87 Well-Known Member

    Between the two, Ci4 all day. I like the handle much better on the Ci4 and think its a superior reel to the fj. Not a single thing wrong with the fj, just a personal preference of the feel and drag. I own "3" Ci4 4000's and have a Sustain 6000 for my bigger game fish.

    Is this purchase for personal use or for clients...?
  14. captain._nate

    captain._nate I Love beer!

    i was and had been a shimano guy my whole life. 9 months ago i switched to daiwa ballistics. well, after 9 months of constant abuse and very little care (i.e. fresh water flush, relubing, etc) they are still ad nice as the day i put em to use.
  15. Capt Dan Medina

    Capt Dan Medina Well-Known Member

    HF, these reels are for personal use. I've used the fj reels and wasn't a huge fan of the big power knobs.
    I have used the 2500 ci4 and liked it.

    I've got a handful of the fh stradics that are still in working condition along with an fi, but would like to have a couple matching sets rigged with different lures as I'm working the flats. Right now I don't have "matching sets" which may not seem like a big deal, but when working different areas I like to have about 6 rods ready to go.
    2- soft plastics, one top water weedless the other with a paddle tail. These rods need to have backbone but soft tips for long casts
    1- top water walk the dog style bait
    1- midwater hard plastic like a mirodine or spoon
    1- popping cork
    1- either a jig head or a bare hook
  16. hferrell87

    hferrell87 Well-Known Member

    Go to a bass pro or something close and pair a ci4+ 4000/3000 with a 7'4 medium, fast action Shimano Teramar. See how you like the balance of the two. From there, try different rod with the reel and get an idea of what you like.
  17. Capt Dan Medina

    Capt Dan Medina Well-Known Member

    HF, I've used the teramar and they are nice. For soft plastics, I like the falcon coastal rods...

    I've been using redbone rods as they are cheap and the company generally sticks behind their product. I hate that I can't take it back to the store and get a replacement these days, but it seems that pretty much all rod company's are doing this these days.

    I'd love to pick up a pair of crowder 8 ft rods for fishing up in the groves and smaller tarpon (under 75 lbs). I've had one of these for years, snapped the tip a few inches down, and replaced the tip. It has been one of my favorite rods, hands down. Light weight with a ton of backbone. I loved it up until the bottom guide came off... Really need to get it fixed.


    Anyone else got a good place they buy their stradics cheaper than feebay?
  18. Keywester1

    Keywester1 I Love microskiff.com!

    Daiwa all the way. Procyon starting at 149.99, full sealed, smooth as silk. Daiwa ballistic is worth looking into as well if you like the ci4 stradics. 11 bearings, Zion body (daiwa's sorta carbon fiber doohicky stuff) and fully sealed as well with upwards of 15lbs of drag. Love mine, traded my stradic for it. oh and its 30 bucks cheaper....
  19. mxbeebop

    mxbeebop I Love microskiff.com!

    I have 2 Procyons and have been happy with their performance, their compact, light and durable, 1 year plus on them and they perform perfectly.
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