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    I'm a recent graduate with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering looking for a position ANYWHERE! Since graduation I've been attending networking events to find more professional connections, so I feel like I might as well post at the opportunity. I'm in the Tampa Bay area, however I am open to relocation anywhere in the U.S. (with or without assistance). So if your company, or your brother's, sister's, spouse, etc. is hiring, it would help tremendously to provide a contact rather than just applying to Jobs/hr/

    Thank you!
  2. nehrkesm

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    Send me your resume. I work for cdm, and i will see what i can do. Nehrkesm at gmail

    Tight lines-Seth

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    Check out raleigh, nc. I do env engineering here (water resources). We aren't hiring right now unfortunately in my office but Raleigh has arguably the best market in the south for env engineering with close access to the salt + trout. I go to SC at least once a month, sometimes twice a month which about 4 hrs to charleston, but you can make it to wilmington in ~2 hrs plus trout in the mtns in around 2 hrs. Of course there is warm water fishing here too, lots of ducks if you are in to that too and musky within 2 hrs. I'll keep an ear out if I hear any openings. Are you water or air? Send me a PM and I'll give you my contact info. I can forward your resume to a recruiter in HR. I work for Dewberry and we have quite a few offices scattered about.