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Looking for a fishing friend

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Hey guys, I am slightly new here. I have been fishing my whole life I am 29 years old and I live in Central Florida. I have a 16‘6“ Skimmer Skiff polling skiff and I am trying to branch out and get together to fish and make friends With some like-minded guys from around here. Since the beginning of this year, I have been exploring mosquito lagoon and Ozello mostly, but I have branched out to Jacksonville once so far and I am very interested in flyfishing now. I normally go out with the wife, but I really need to go out with some guys that are on my level and fly fish as well. I am new to fly fishing , and hopefully this winter we can get together and catch some fish in some skinny water. I’m open to fish anywhere, if you have a boat great we can take turns running each !

For anyone interested in making long term friends and doing some fishing while at it shoot me a message.
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I havent been back near there since my in-laws left apalacicola. Have the fish moved way back in the marsh yet?
I’m in Wakulla specifically, so I fish St.Marks to Alligator harbor regularly, as its all literally 10min from my house. But I do head into Taylor county occasionally. At any rate in this area, they push into creeks for winter time. The reds tend to be smaller, but the big trout come back in, as well as the sheeps.
We also get crazy negative low tides this time of year as well, so Kayaks are king. I likely won’t touch my skiff till spring time.
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